Many paintings have already found a lucky new owner. Do not be sad, I can paint on commission.

Every painting is unique and there cannot be two paintings 100% alike.
A commissioned painting needs about 10 days to be completed and be ready for shipping.
Once the painting is finished, I will send you pictures of it via email, for you to make the final decision.

When you order a painting, you are under no obligation at all.

You will decide after viewing the finished result, through the pictures I will send you via email.

Modern, abstract paintings in the right environment and size have a high value. Have the right painting with the right dimension, in the right place in your office gives your prospects and customers a great first impression.


Should the painting not meet your expectations, you are not obliged to buy the item.

I can make another attempt to find the perfect result for your committed creation.

If you chose your favorite painting but it is too big (or too small,) you can contact me and suggest the right size for your living room, office or whichever other environment it is meant for.

As a rule of thumb, I can do whichever size from 50×50 to 200×400 cms.

Following are a few examples of prices, shipping included:


Fill up the following form and ask for complete information: