bespoke abstract paintings


quadri astratti informali a11 300x210 - bespoke abstract paintings
a painting like this 150x65x4 cm at the price of 300 euros including shipping

Bespoke abstract paintings of any size – small to large

here you will find abstract paintings but also small paintings for living areas for small environments such as the bathroom, kitchen or guest room stay at more advantageous prices.

Depending on which room you are looking for a modern and abstract painting, you should choose the right size of the painting, so as to create a special harmony for you and your customers.


many paintings have already found a lucky new owner. so don’t be disappointed, because I can offer a painting on the committee.

Each painting remains unique and can never be 100% identical.

the commissioned painting takes about 10 days to be ready for shipment.

After the painting is completed I will send you the photos again by email, so that I can make the final decision.

boom red div quadri astratti 300x265 - bespoke abstract paintings
commission this example painting measures 100x100x4 cm cost 310 euros including shipping


If the painting does not meet your expectations, you do not have to buy the prepared painting.

I can make a further attempt to find the perfect image for my favorite creation.


if you have chosen your favorite picture but it is too big or too small you can write to my contact to give the right format for your living room, office or any environment

in theory, any format is possible from 50×50 to 200×400 cm.

quadri moderni su tela offshore 2 300x231 - bespoke abstract paintings
painted 200x100x4 cm at 590 euros including shipping


Modern abstract paintings are of high value in the right environment and format evaluate a picture for your office with the right size ensures a positive first impression on your customers

example of including transport prices:

80x60x4 : 140 euros

100x100x4 cm : 310 euros

150x65x4 cm : 300 euros
150x80x 4 cm:360 euros

120x80x4 cm :290 euros

120x120x4 cm : 440 euros

150x150x4 cm : 690 euros
180x90x4 cm : 490 euros

200x100x4 cm : 590 euros

request full information of the request below:

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    spendi solo 14 euro per ricevere il dipinto 30×40 con cornice