horizontal modern abstract painting

DIMENSIONS: 150x80x4 cm.

Title of the work : abstract-c518

execution year : 2020

technique used . acrylic on canvas

doesn’t need the frame

even the edges are painted

it’s ready to be hung

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from so on
house interior 1024x680 - large painting-150x80


to so

quadri moderni su tela astratti c257 1024x680 - large painting-150x80here are some photos of customers who have already inserted a painting of mine on their home:

custome images dittico december 2017 - large painting-150x802 november 2017 customer images - large painting-150x80october 2017 customer images - large painting-150x80


customer images september 2017 - large painting-150x80


these are just some of the hundreds of people who have contacted me and asked what to put in their empty wall


you still have an empty wall like this below: ????

interior 1200 1024x795 - large painting-150x80


You want it like this:

quadri astratti su tela grandi c270 1024x795 - large painting-150x80

or so:

quadri astratti paesaggio c254 1024x795 - large painting-150x80

even so ????????? but there are hundreds of paintings and measurements

quadri astratti su tela c246 1024x795 - large painting-150x80



This is the key in choosing the nature of the painting, so it would be better suited to the scenario to consider abstract paintings of high visual impact.


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    hand-painted oil on canvas of any size

    sauro con quadro c270 1024x704 - large painting-150x80


    quadri astratti con artista c250 1024x572 - large painting-150x80

    you can send me your photos of the wall so that you insert the painting virtually to this email address : artista@saurobos.it

    quadro moderno certificato garanzia - large painting-150x80

    Abstract painting oil on canvas free shipping throughout Italy

    available for immediate shipping the painting is unique I do not duplicate the picture is accompanied by authentic with photos on the back of the painting

    is a 100% handmade painting made with oil technique on canvas, the painting is lined with final water paint
    to protect your investment from the dust and damage of the sun protected against UV rays.
    The painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity with a photo signature and fingerprint placed on the back of the painting.

    All paintings are ready to hang

    the painting was made in my 100% handmade studio – it is a handmade product using bright colors of excellent quality

    telaio spessore 4 centda300 - large painting-150x80

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    Packaging All works are bespoke conffections built to ensure safe delivery.
    Try any picture in the house without risk: I want you to love your new art, so if a painting does not work at all in your space, you have the fairy’s view to return it within 30 days of receiving your order and I will issue a refund on the price paid in full . I will pay for the return transport if not 100% satisfied


    If you prefer a different format or color, this painting can be done in a similar style for you individually. Contact me for this via the contact form.
    Need expert advice? I can help you with all the questions.

    saurobos banner - large painting-150x80

    sauro bos premio della pace con targa - large painting-150x80
    peace prize

    large painting-150×80



    fino ad esaurimento


    spendi solo 14 euro per ricevere il dipinto 30×40 con cornice