something about me

sauro c270 1024x701 - something about meI work as a full-time artist My work is visceral and spontaneous.

When I paint, I rely entirely on my instincts. Using my hands to work, I continuously move the image back and forth to keep the color flow. Eventually I reach a point where I allow the painting to take control so that I can rejoice in the perspective of color that surprises me once again.

Through my work, I am constantly exploring the relationship between color, light and form. Although I was taught in my early studies of formal art that drawing and the art of drawing are of critical importance for a serious artistic activity, it was only when I moved away from literal landmarks that I began to discover the visceral impact of which I love the luminance, forms and nuances of glorious nature.

quadri astratti con artista c250 300x168 - something about me

each of my paintings is a direct reflection of my mood

I consider myself an impressionist with a predilection

modern abstract.

Abstract for me is a form of non-objective visual language.

Color is the line to create a composition

which can be abstract indicating a departure from reality.

I’m an artist specializing in modern art that can also be abstract

but it is generally considered the aesthetic use of shape, texture, color

through this medium I try to convey sensations and thoughts

about the experiences of my life in the world we live in

premio dellapace quotidiano la voce ri rovigo - something about me
prize of daily peace the voice of Rovigo

saurobosfotomonrealepadova - something about me

aastratto floreale1000 - something about me

mostra millecolori comune di adria - something about me
shows common thousand colors of adria

foto quadro astratto con sauro bos - something about me

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